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1081 Old Village Circle
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     The Waterford Master Residential Association, Inc. (WMRA, Inc.) is a non-profit Corporation formed under the Planned Community Act of North Carolina.  The WMRA is made up of all home owners who reside in Waterford and all persons who own lots in the community.  The Association members elect an Executive Board of five (5) persons to act on their behalf in running the Community. 

     The Executive Board, in turn, hires a Management Company to take care of the day to day details of managing a community such as ours. In addition, the management company is responsible for keeping the financial records of the Association, paying all bills, collecting all dues, and managing the fiduciary responsibilities of the Association.  The executive board oversees this process.  At the present time, our Management Company is CEPCO (Consolidated Estate & Property Control Corporation).  A link to their web site is: http://www.cepco-nc.com. Please see the "Management Company" page for further information.

     The Executive Board has encouraged the formation of various committees to help set policies and procedures for the community.  These committees meet throughout the month with volunteers serving as members and choosing a Chairperson and Note Taker for each committee.  Committees make recommendations to the Board which can then pass rules and regulations in each area of the community. 

     The Executive Board meets monthly, in accordance with the by-laws, to transact the business of the Association.  Most monthly meetings begin with a Homeowner Forum, to allow direct input from Association members.  At this time, the Executive Board meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM for an Executive Session (if needed), with the Homeowner Forum beginning at 10:00 AM in the Waterford Clubhouse.


  • Waterford is a unique community featuring an abundance of natural beauty in the form of landscaping and waterways unlike any other community in southeastern North Carolina.  We have great respect for the environment, and we particularly encourage the care and use of our  waterways.
  • We also have an ideally located community center that is both attractive and functional.  It contains a large and beautiful pool, a multi-room clubhouse, a fitness center, five tennis courts, four pickle ball courts, two bocce courts, and a kid's playground.  It is our goal to preserve and expand our amenities to provide both enjoyment and property appreciation for our residents.
  • We encourage homeowners of all ages and stages of life to live in Waterford, and we feel that diversity is critical to the atmosphere we are trying to create.  We strive to be widely viewed as the premier upscale community south of the Cape Fear river.
  • The Waterford Commercial area, though not under our direct control, is of prime concern to us.  We encourage development of this area with businesses that will provide conveniences for our residents in an environmentally sound manner.  We want to ensure that this gateway into the residential area is maintained at a high standard.   


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This section of our Website is designed for people interested in buying a home or home site in our community and want to know more about Waterford before considering purchasing here.