Reserve Information & News
By now, all Reserve 1 Owners should have received a letter from CEPCO, with details regarding the replacement of mailboxes near the Pavilion. That correspondence may be reviewed at this link: MAILBOXES.
This project has been coordinated with the US Postal Service (USPS), the Mailbox Contractor, CEPCO, and the POA Board of Directors. Please avoid that area while work is being done. Your patience and cooperation will be appreciated.
IMMEDIATELY: OWNERS may obtain new keys at CEPCO Office
(be sure to know your current mailbox number!)
Important dates* affecting mail delivery:
Wednesday, February 19th - USPS removes all mail remaining in boxes
Thursday, February 20th - No Mail Delivery while boxes are removed
Friday, February 21st - No Mail Delivery, new mailboxes being installed
Saturday, February 22nd - Mail Delivery resumes
* Circumstances may require these time-lines to be adjusted. 
If you are an Owner, with tenants, please coordinate with each other to make certain new keys are provided to the current residents. Unless special arrangements are made, CEPCO may only distribute new keys to the listed owner. Please contact CEPCO with any specific questions at 910-313-2334.
Board Meeting
The Executive Board of the Reserve at Waterford POA meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month in the meeting room at the Waterford Clubhouse

Reserve Yahoo Site and Message Board at Web Site
The Reserve Yahoo site is now moderated which means that messages sent to the Reserve Neighbors Listing will first need to be approved by a moderator.  This will prevent outsiders from sending messages to our listing and will also help divert some messages containing opinions to the message board on the website.
The Reserve Yahoo list automatically receives all messages distributed.  Many owners do not wish to get lengthy messages with opinions.  The Waterford Website offers a Message Board which can be used for this purpose.  The Yahoo list is designed more for informational messages that are short in nature. 2/10

Insurance Information for Townhomes 5/15/14; Confirmed 2/21/18