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Arts and Crafts
3 pc Nativity Scene - $11
Posted On: 09/30/2020
This 3 pc handmade nativity scene is all wood, handcrafted and painted. What a beautiful display this makes at Christmas. A few more in stock.
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Three Candle Holder - $8
Posted On: 09/30/2020
These handmade candle holders are made from walnut, oak, or maple wood. All solid wood. Will make a great Christmas gift or housewarming gift. Candles included. A few left.
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3 glass flower holder - $12
Posted On: 09/30/2020
We ran out but we made a few more! I display daisies and black eyed Susan’s all summer long in these 3 vase flower holders. Around Christmas, it is full of poinsettias and spruces. These make great housewarming gifts or Christmas gifts to friends and neighbors.
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Chopping block - $18
Posted On: 09/30/2020
This chopping block is made out of different hardwoods. This is the last one! 9 x 11 inches.
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Table Centerpiece - $15
Posted On: 09/30/2020
We only have 3 left! These solid wood centerpieces are a great way to display your love for the beach or change it up for the seasons. 16 x 24-1/2 inches. Centerpiece only
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Crayon Holder - $12
Posted On: 09/30/2020
The little ones will love these. Made out of wood and hand painted. Crayons included. A few left.
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Three Hearts
Posted On: 09/30/2020
These hearts are made out of pallet wood. This makes a perfect display. 10-1/2, 9, and 6 inches tall. Have 2 left.
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Flower vase and holder - $6
Posted On: 09/30/2020
Made out of solid walnut. Put a beautiful rose in the vase and you will have a great Christmas or housewarming gift.
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Beautiful Custom Lined Drapes with Cornices
Custom Lined Drapes with Cornices - $300.00
Posted On: 09/19/2020
Beautiful Custom Lined Drapes with Cornices, enough to fit (1) Two glass panel slider.
2) 54 in x 84 in room darkening drapes includes a 7 foot custom made wood cornice and hardware
2 windows
Each room darkening drape is 45 in x 84 in includes a custom made wood cornice.
Bonus 2 coordinating pillow shames
Style is pinched pleats yellow and blue musical instruments toile. Cross posted. Can deliver
Arlene Barker 410-598-9758 or
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Golf Sports
New Srixon Golf Balls - $15 per box
Posted On: 09/22/2020
Various types of brand new, in original unopened boxes, of Srixon white golf balls
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Home Exercise Equipment
Wanted weights
Posted On: 09/08/2020
Am setting up home gym. Need a 7' Olympic Weight Bar with weights (2-45, 2-35, 2-25, 2-10). Also possibly other gym equipment but no machines.