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Posted On: 02/14/2020
I voted. Did you?
Fellow citizen
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For Sale
Posted On: 03/09/2020
Good Afternoon Neighbors of Waterford. I own a
3 bed/2 bath patio home on the canal in The Gardens section of Waterford and am interested in selling. If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested, please contact me directly for more details. Thanks!!
Email: 910-233-3989
((Please no solicitations from Realtors for the listing))
Pedal Boat with electric motor + extras - $675
Posted On: 02/28/2020
"Water Wheeler" Pedal Boat is perfect for the Waterford canals and Lake Osprey. This 5-seat model has a built-in electric motor, or may be pedaled. It is 4 years old, well maintained, and rarely used. Extras include: new bimini/canopy, new mooring cover, new dock lines, 12v deep-cycle battery with charger, paddle, 2 flotation seat cushions, and a child's life jacket. New models are hard to find (Home Depot = $1380). You may review the manufacturer’s promotional information and specifications at this link:

Bob (via email)
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In-Home Personal Training
Training - $45.00 average per session
Posted On: 03/05/2020

Call for a free consultation
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