Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for the site?

    Click on "register" at the top left of the Welcome page.  You must fill in your first and last name, email address, street address within Waterford, and phone number to register. Enter any of the other requested information which you care to share.  

    Go to the bottom ot the page, enter the verification code and click on "submit." 

    You will receive an email verifying that your request to register has been received.     

    Your request to register will be sent to a monitor who will verify your information and give you access, usually within 24 hours.

2.  How do I add an event to the clubhouse calendar?   

      Send an email to   - adminbc@cepco-nc.com or phone at 910-313-2334.

3.  How do I post committee meeting minutes?  

       Send your Word or pdf file to Nancy Peterson  nlpeterson1@verizon.net

4. How do I add photos to the Photo Album?

        Send your pictures to Michele Kanatous mkana57@yahoo.com  or Frank Glossl    fglossl@ec.rr.com 

5.  How do I post a Classified Ad?  

     Click  on "Classified Ads" on the left side of the Welcome page.  Read the rules for ads. Click on "submit ad." Enter your information on the form and click on "submit."

6. How do I get help using the site?  

     Click on "Contact Us" on the left side of the Welcome page. Fill in the form and click on "submit."   

7. How do I let people know what I think about things going on in Waterford or look for others who'd like to join me in various activities?

    The Message Board is the place to go. Here you can start topics, discussions, post your opinions, let people know what's going on in the neigborhood, etc. On the Welcome page, click on "Members" and then on "Message Board."  You can start a new topic by clicking on "Start New Topic," or reply to an ongoing topic.

    Please read and abide by the rules of the Message Board as posted on its first page. The messages will be monitored and any found to be offensive will be removed and the poster will be contacted.

8. How do I use the features on the Message Board?   

    A.  You can either post a new topic or respond/add to a topic already under discussion. 

      To start a new topic, click on "Start new Topic." Fill in the subject line, select the category that best fits your comment and then type in your comments.

    B.   If you want something you write to appear in quotation marks, bold, Italic or code, hit the appropriate button on the right side of the page. Type within the brackets which will appear in the text pane.

        WARNING:    Do NOT at any time hit your browser's "Back" button. That will wipe out everything you've typed.

         If you decide you don't want to post after all, click on "Main Page" to get out of the post screen.   

          If you want to reply to a topic already under discussion you have two options.

          You can click on "Reply to this topic" and your reply will be posted.

           WARNING: Do NOT hit the "Back to topic" button or the"Back" button on your browser or your text will be lost.   

     C. I posted a question and want to get the answer without logging into the website and going to the Message Board. Can I do that?

Yes, Go to the main page of the Message Board, Click on "My Subscriptions" in the top right hand corner. Click on the categories that you want to get notices from. You will ge a very short email from the system every time there is a post on the category. The post will contain a link to the pertinent item on the Message Board. You can turn this off and on as often as you like.                                 

9.  How do I change or add to my profile (includes username, email address, etc.)?

             To modify your profile information, click on  "Your Profile" at the top right of the home page.   Type in the information as you want it to appear, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "submit." Note: you must type the letters in the box exactly or you won't be able to post, but will be given a new code to try again. That means if you see X type a capital "X" or if you see x type a lower case "x".  Yes, I often have to try more than once to get it right. You are not alone.
10. I forgot my password. What do I do?
              Click on "login" on the home page. Put in your user name and click on "forgot password." You will get another login screen and the message "your password has been mailed to you." Once you get your password in your email you'll be able to login.  NOTE: Passwords are case sensitive.
11.  How do I change my password?
               To change your password click on "Your Profile" at the top right of the home page. Follow the instructions to change your password. Remember, the password is case sensitive. 
12.  I forgot my user name. How do I find out what it is.
                 In most cases, your user name is your email address. If you've recently changed your email address and have not updated your profile. Your user name will be your old email address.