Reserve Documents

 Covenants and By-Laws


Reserve POA Covenants11/03

Copy of the Transition Agreement filed in the Register of Deeds Office 9/09

Final Transition List from Transition Agreement - 2009

Reserve POA Covenant Amendment 9.18.09 - Purpose was to change the weighted voting figures to insure Patio Homes and Townhomes had equal votes so no one group had a majority.

Reserve POA By-Laws

Reserve POA By-Laws Amendment 9.18.09 - Purpose was to decrease quorum requirement to 25% of the total membership and to allow the Board to set the date of the annual meeting instead of requiring such meeting to be held in the first quarter of the calendar year.

NC Planned Community Chapter 47F

Reserve POA Articles of Incorporation11/03

Information Sheets - See Reserve Info Page


Policies and Guidelines

Community wide standards 7/21/21

ARC Design Guidelines 6/16/21

Reserve Lease/Rental 9/17

Kayak/Canoe Policy for the Reserve (Updated September 2014)

Collection Policy for the Reserve 9/08
Violation and Fine Policy for the Reserve 4/21
Landscaping Maintenance Policy 9/21
Pavilion Use Policy 8/21
Pavilion Rental Policy 8/21
Reserve Accounts Policy revised 1/16
Reserve Association Committee Policy (added June, 2010)
Townhome Insurance Event Policy 5/16
The Reserve at Waterford Townhome Unit Exterior Maintenance Rules 8/17
Description of Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Services 5/15



ARC Reserve Request (PDF)7/20

ARC Reserve Request (MS Word)7/20